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We turn web content into useful data for your next great move. It’s more than a catchy slogan. It’s our mission.

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Whether you need thousands of records delivered every day or have a small one-o project, we deliver.

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Martial arts are codified systems and traditions of combat practices. You don’t need a nice newbie coder, you need a Ninja!

Convert websites into Useful Data

Simply tell us what data you need from which websites and we will gather, clean and deliver the data to you, hassle-free.

Data Scraping as a Competitive Advantage

You already know that better data leads to better decisions. Follow industry trends, gain insights about your customers and competitors, protect your business. Here are some common things we can help with,

Data Aggregation

Create disruptive products and services by monitoring and mining data from massive number of websites that get constantly updated.
Learn how a popular job portal is using Scrapy Ninja services for aggregating job listings from 20 popular sites.

Competitive Intelligence

Business success is dependent on up-to date enterprise-grade data that can help you gain market share.
Learn how top retailers are using Scrapy Ninja services to retrieve product data for competitive analysis and business intelligence.

Market Research

Analysts need extensive and up-to-date data from multiple sources to stay ahead of dynamic market conditions and derive insights.
Learn how market research agencies are using our scalable extraction service to aggregate sector specific data for industry analysis and trendspotting.

Customer Insight

The ability to monitor, listen and react to customers in the real-time helps manage brand reputation and understand customers.
Learn how well-known players in the automobile industry are monitoring forums and comments to build customer-centric responses and services.

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Just a few quick, and you will have described your need. We will answer you in less than 6 hours, and can usually start the work in less than 48 hours.

In the cloud, or on Premise, have real Overview of your Data

We are Open Source commiter, and we provide a state of the art monitoring console, which can be deployed on your premises or on the cloud, up to you. Though this tool, you can monitor the efficiency of
your data collection, schedule your grab, replay them, etc…

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We Build It For You

Whether you’re looking to enrich your prospect profiles, conduct market research, gather competitive data or if you are dissatisfacted with the manual and unreliable ways of collecting data, we can help. Sign up, create a project and we will configure your requirements into a data extractor in less than 48 hours.

Scraping Technics

Cloud-based or on Premises, IP Rotation (on premises too!), Collection Scheduling, Passing across Captcha, Extracting Texts, images or other documents, with output by API & Web-hooks, Integrate your
Data Anywhere in Any Format.

Our Team

We are not selling a do-it-yourself product, where you will face alone maintenance and production issues. We commit to real results. And as you know, real results are provided by real people!

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