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We turn web content into useful data for your next great move. It’s more than a catchy slogan. It’s our mission.

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Whether you need thousands of records delivered every day or have a small one-o project, we deliver.

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Martial arts are codified systems and traditions of combat practices. You don’t need a nice newbie coder, you need a Ninja!

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Our customers love us because we really care about their “happiness” and not just their “satisfaction”.

Data available on Internet for your Industry?
We Handle it!

Crawl tens of thousands of pages at super-fast speeds without worrying about getting blocked or buying servers or managing proxies. We will provide a full service – gather, extract, clean and deliver the data to you in most common formats – hassle free.

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Whether you’re looking to enrich your prospect profiles, conduct market research, gather competitive data or if you are dissatisfacted with the manual and unreliable ways of collecting data, we can help. Sign up, create a project and we will configure your requirements into a data extractor in less than 48 hours.

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We apply Flexible Pricing because that’s what Businesses need to Scale!

Simply tell us what data you need from which websites and we will gather, clean and deliver the data to you hassle-free.

Pricing Examples

There is no reason to think that your complex project can not be covered by a readable pricing.
Real Estate Announces
380 / Month
  • Internal announce monitoring system, supervising local zone market from 25 agencies web sites.
? / Scraper
  • X web sites to Scrap
  • Y thousands items
  • Cloud or on Premise
  • Maintenance
  • Guaranteed results
Branding Survey
200 / Month
  • Check daily prices and availability stock of 400 products on 5 different web sites.
News Aggregation
800 / Month
  • News Aggregation from 50 sources, categorizing, tagging, and filtering duplicates with artificial intelligence.
Product Catalogue
60 / Month
  • Retrieving from a competitor web site, product descriptions, prices, available stock, pictures, categories and tagging plan. Up to 10.000 collected items.
Customer Insight
750 / Month
  • Reviewing Social Media Brand Reputation, though customer discussion and reaction.

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