PMRA believes that this means that all payments made prior to the granting of a lease are considered a holding bond – and therefore a prohibited payment, as long as it exceeds a weekly rent. We think the PMRA approach has a lot to recommend, and if you can prove that you only took the bond for real estate (and treated it according to the rules), you`re protected from this problem if that happens. Hey tenants, what`s the largest amount of what you`ve ever paid as a down payment for a rented building? 💸 In practice, tenants do not really get the deposit back. On the contrary, the value is simply deducted from the amount they have to pay for the other collection funds. This is normal and it`s not something to worry about. A tenant is entitled to a full refund of his deposit if a landlord or agent imposes a requirement contrary to the prohibition on rental fees. You cannot be forced to pay for surety insurance. However, the owner or manager should withhold only part of the operating deposit to cover his administrative costs, in order to remain unfair. Unlike bails, there is currently no legal obligation to protect detention deposits. Therefore, the money is normally deposited directly into the owner`s bank account and he must take appropriate measures to ensure that the money is kept safe. This is why a written holding deposit contract is important.